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We’re completely transparent about our prices. Our rate is set at $0.02 per word. 5 articles at 500-words each would be priced at a maximum of $50. We don’t have a minimum order and we write for all industries.

Initially, we shall charge you every week. An invoice shall be generated at the end of a given week and sent over for payment. Once a long-term contract gets established between us, we can shift to a fortnightly payment arrangement.

No, sorry, our margins don’t allow us to offer bulk discounts.


However, the size of the piece should be reasonable. We are open to offering free-trials for write-ups of up to 500 words.

Ordering with us is easy-peasy. Call us, ping us, or send an email! It is all up to your comfort. We can even collaborate via a project management app like Slack!

All content goes through two editing and proofreading stages before it reaches you as a first draft. This eliminates grammatical errors and ensures content is good to go once we sign it off.  We also fact check and provide sources.

Small orders (3-5 articles) are often fulfilled in 72-hours but this really depends on what’s being ordered and also when you order it (we don’t work weekends or bank holidays – we’re human). 

We’re happy to book in content and deliver this on repeat. We can deliver large orders in single batches to make workflow simpler.

100%. No one will know we’ve written your content. If you’re an agency with clients, our relationship is with you, not your client and we state this in writing. We are happy to sign an NDA you write up, or we can supply our own legal document signed and dated.

We write for all niches. Nothing is out of the question. 

Yes, we do. We can edit and proofread any existing content you have. We quote for editing and proofing work on a per-project basis. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

Revision is a regular practice for all copywriters. It’s not always the case that content is spot on the first time. We understand this and will complete revisions within a few days at no extra cost to you.

Our revision policy is as so:

2 rounds of free revision with a supplied brief.

1 round of free revision at our discretion without a supplied brief.

A revision is defined as changes to the copy already written in draft form.

A revision is not a re-write.

A revision is not an edit to satisfy changes in brief. If you change the brief after the first draft, we will charge for the extra words at our standard rate.

A revision is not writing more pages than requested or extending the original order.

A revision is not altering tone of voice – unless you provided a tone of voice document which we didn’t match. 

A revision is not adding new components to a page to satisfy your own creative discoveries after we have written your content. If you want additional information adding, we will charge for the extra words at our standard rate (which will be invoiced for before the revision). 

Absolutely. If you have a tone of voice document or brand guidelines, we’re happy to follow them. 

Yes, we can upload to offload some of the burdens from your shoulders. We have experience with WordPress and a wide range of other CMS platforms.

Just give us access to your author account. Our team upholds all security measures during the upload process.

Absolutely, and we’d love to see it. Please share it with us when you get in touch so we can take a look.

We write articles, blog posts, web content, long-form content, SEO content, landing pages, squeeze pages, case studies, evergreen content, product descriptions, brochures and every other format you can name. Contact us for examples.

Yes, you’ll have full copyright over the content we write for you.

No, we don’t ask you to sign anything. This gives you the flexibility to dip into our writing services as you need them. 

Yes, with flying colours. For quotes and statistics, we always link to our sources. We verify the content for any plagiarism and ensure that the originality of the writings remains untouched.

Happy to. Send it over. 

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We’re completely transparent about our prices. Our rate is set at $0.02 per word.

5 articles at 500-words each would be priced at a maximum of $50. We don’t have a minimum order and we write for all industries. 

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